Sunday, June 24, 2007

Chinese Tattoo-The true, the good, and the beautiful

Today I visited one local tattoo shop and I realized something Chinese Tattoo lover should know: Do some research before you tattoo Chinese. Here is the story, I asked the tattoo artist there what if some customer need a Chinese translation? He said "Just go ask the restaurant next door". The restaurant next door is not even Chinese restaurant but a Japanese restaurant. What make things funnier is that the owner and waitress of the restaurant are Korean. Why I knew that? Because I am the regular of the restaurant! Then he showed me his Chinese tattoo make no sense to me. They are all random Chinese character put together. In addition, the Chinese calligraphy tattoo flash behind me look like written by 3 years old Chinese kid. I know people want some spiritual Chinese tattoo and one character means a lot. You do not want some day when you travel to China and found out those Chinese people tattoo misspelled English, do you? Try some phrase in Chinese that really mean something like above. The true, the good and the beautiful with only three simple Chinese character.

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